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Americorps 1-800-218-1001

Ida-Ore Regional Development Association 634-4287

Idaho Division Vocational Rehab. 1-800-865-2720

Peace Corp 1-800-426-1022

Private Industry Council(PIC) 1-800-743-5928

Job Corps 1-800-863-5627

Job Service 634-7102


JOB SERVICE offers free job placement, testing, job training, employment counseling, career information, vocational guidance, labor market analysis, unemployment insurance benefits, and handles recruitment and referrals for many area businesses and government agencies.


JOB SERVICE has an extensive Resource Center, which provides applicants access to personal computers, copy machine, fax machine, typewriter, reference library and training information. The Resource Center PCís have access to the Internet for nation-wide job searches through Americaís Job Bank, as well as other job-search sites.


JOB SERVICE provides workshops designed to assist job applicants in becoming more effective in obtaining suitable work by creating competitive resumes, writing effective applications, preparing for interviews and locating available jobs.


JOB SERVICE also has information and services available through the Internet.

Check the Idaho Department of Labor website at www.labor.state.id.us. The McCall Job Service office can be contacted via e-mail at jobservice19@labor.state.id.us.

*Helpful Hints for Young Job Hunters

When seeking a job, look for something you are interested in and think you might enjoy. Decide what you want to get out of the job (experience, money, etc.) and then check out local businesses. Donít be discouraged if you canít find a job the first day; it may take some time to find a job that is right for you.

-Provide proof that you can legally work in the United States.

-Supply a photo ID; your driverís license or school activity card are acceptable.

-An original Social Security card or birth certificate is also required. You will

need to present these documents before you begin working.


*Writing a Resume

Your resume should be typed and kept to one page if possible. Use white paper and do not include irrelevant information. Most important, PROOF READ your work. The following items should be included in your resume and are presented in the order they should appear.

1. Your name.

2. Your address (street, p.o. box, city, zip code) and telephone number.

3. Your educational background (schools attended, with their addresses, special

training or classes taken, or special skills.)

4. Previous employment (full-time, part-time, summer jobs and volunteer work that pertain to the job you are seeking.) List employer name, address, dates of employment, and the duties you performed.

5. Your interests and hobbies.

6. Your military service, if any.

7. State that references are available upon request at the bottom of your resume.

*Job Hunting

1. Register for work at Job Service. This will get you into the computer system and possibly match you skills with a job that is open.

2. Read the want ads in the newspaper. Also, contact relatives and friends to see if they have heard of anything. Check with other employment agencies; or visit the company personnel department.

3. Research the company. Know some information about what the job requires and learn something about the business.

4. Contact the personnel department to set up an interview.

5. The day of the interview, BE PREPARED. Take with you a photo ID, and your Social Security Card or birth certificate. You also need names, addresses, and telephone numbers of references (make sure you have checked with them and that they will give you a good reference).

6. An application may be given to you to complete. This is a standard form the employer uses to gather information about you. Be sure to follow the directions before filling out a section and DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. Be extremely neat and complete all sections honestly. Always print on an application form and always use a black pen.

7. Dressing up for an interview is very important. You want to portray a professional, business-like appearance. Be neat and clean and wear modest make-up. Have a good attitude and be friendly and polite to everyone present. Eighty percent of the reason you are hired is because of ATTITUDE.

8. Do not criticize former employers. Do not blame previous employers, co-workers, or relatives for previous bad work experience.



*Interviewing Hints

Most hiring decisions are made at the first interview. How you come across in that interview could be as important as your experience and job talents. Here are some tips that could help you make a good first impression.

-Go to the interview alone. Dress nicely and appropriately. Be a few minutes early.

-Do not slouch, chew gum or tobacco or smoke during the interview.

-SMILE and be friendly. Introduce yourself, and identify the position for which you are applying.

-Shake hands firmly; show some self-confidence.

-Speak clearly and in a pleasant manner.

-Do not interrupt the employer. Show respect. Listen closely to the questions before answering. Take your time.

-Always stress what makes you best qualified for the position.

-Arrange to check back after the interview, if necessary.

-Say "thank you" and shake hands as you leave.


*Questions Employers Ask

While all employers may not ask the same question, the list below is a good sample of those commonly asked by employers.

-Do you enjoy school? What courses do you like the best? Least? Why?

-In what school activities do you participate?

-What are your plans after graduation? Why do you want to work for our company? In what position are you interested? Why?

-Have you had any experience in this type of work?

-What do you know about our company?

-Have you ever been fired from a job? Why?

-What hours are you available for work? How many hours a week?

-When could you start?

*Questions You Should Ask

-What are the job duties? Do you offer benefits, medical insurance, etc.?

-What is the salary for the job? What are the hours?

-Where are the opportunities for advancement?

-May I see the area where I will be working?

-What do you look for in an employee?

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